Omigosh! I forgot I had a Blog!

Wow.  It’s been two months since my last post.  That’s pitiful.  What’s worse is that it’s been almost as long since I’ve worked on either of my WIPs. 

I let myself get out of the writing routine over Christmas break. You know: shopping, cleaning, decorating, cooking.  Big mistake.  Once you get out of the routine, it’s so hard to get going again. 

My family has also experienced a personal setback and quite honestly, it has just sapped my creativity and motivation.  I’m trying to snap out of it as we speak. 

This weekend I plan to get out both WIPs, dust them off and read them to get the creative juices flowing again.  I suspect it will be a while before I reach “full flow.”  I’ll settle for a creative trickle for now. 



About Shannon

I'm a wannabe writer, currently working on a paranormal romance. Yes, it has vampires, but they are ugly and evil. I am married and the mother of five children ages 9 to 20. When I'm not writing I sew.
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