march madness?

After a (longer than intended) break, I’m writing again.  I’ve been continuing work on my nano story, but I just started something new too.  I’ve been soooo good about sticking with one storyline since last summer.  I just have had this story in my head poking me for months and  months, and when I’m staring at a blank page…well, it finally got to me.  I cracked!  ha.

So, a new story is born and it has really been alot of fun to work on.  It has re-energized me.  One problem I’ve discovered when revisiting my nano story is that I don’t particularly like the direction I was going.  I mean, let’s face it, it’s really a crap shoot sometimes, am I right?  You write, you plot, it sounds all perfect and new and exciting. Until three months go by and you re-read it only to discover it’s terrible.

I’m not saying I’ll discontinue the nano story.  No, that one has much more “keep” in it than “lose”, but there is some of that too.  So I’ll be restructuring and doing the back end (i.e. sucky) work here and there.  The really angsty part is I actually had the entire thing plotted and there was this whole arc, and yada yada yada.  I’ll have to admit to myself that that is no longer the case and it’s just a half-plotted, half-finished manuscript.  Like so many that have gone before it.

Still, I’m not terribly discouraged.  I’ll perservere!  Here’s to all of us amateur novelists!  Go team!

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