waylaid by life

Soooo…. Shannon & I have both been distracted by and engrossed in that old bugger life. Neither of us has been writing of late, and boy have I been missing it. I do make a lot of notes and jot down little things an awful lot. It’s always at the back of my mind.

The important thing to remember is we haven’t given up. We may have gotten sidetracked and of course, but we’re both ready to get back to business. It’s nice to look at the stats and see one or two people are still hanging in there, dropping by. Maybe they got here by accident, but it really does spur me a little post more often. And to post more often, I need something to post about!

Hey, I’ll take writing motivation wherever I can get it. 😉

As it stands right now, we have decided that both of us have projects that are close-ish enough to a finished “first draft” state, that we are ready to set a deadline for ourselves.



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