Nano ’11

Nanowrimo begins day after tomorrow!  OMGosh.  I totally lost track of time and that includes writing time.

Earlier this year I decided to take my in-progress novel in a different direction (technically, it sort of took itself) and while I was happy with the progress and the storyline, I got nervous about the changes.  I let that fear and uncertainty sap my creativity for a while (a long while).  I had really been on a roll too.  Truthfully, I let someone else’s opinion and thoughts cloud my own judgement and I started second-guessing everything.  So I walked away.

Sort of an amateur’s mistake and one I haven’t quite gotten past.  Yet the day after tomorrow is November 1.  And as hard as it was (and even though I cheated and even though I didn’t “make” 50K words) I still learned alot and got ALOT accomplished by competing in Nanowrimo last year.

So I’m doing it again!  I hereby pledge to shed this silly uncertainty and grab the proverbial bull by the horns and WRITE WRITE WRITE.  Nothing gets you out of rut like crazy bouts of writing obsessively!

Who’s joining me?

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1 Response to Nano ’11

  1. Tina Forkner says:

    I hope you had some fun. Never give up! 🙂

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