nano wrapup.

So…I didn’t make it to 50K.

November is a terrible month to do nanowrimo.  I vote we change it to a month without a holiday in it.  Or my birthday.  The back half of November was crazy busy for me, and I lost the drive at about the 17th.  Boo!

Still… I got more than a 1/4 into the draft, I polished an outline that I still love, and I still wake up every day thinking about the novel.   All good things.  I’m not giving up on this one.  It’s got life yet!

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So…this past week has been a slow nano week for me.  It happens, right?  Life intrudes, work intrudes, life intrudes.

I actually recorded the 100 words (yes 1-0-0) I wrote last night just to see my widget move.

Hoping later today the novel gets some action.  Good grief the 30th is fast approaching!  For the first time, I’m thinking I might not actually make 50K. It’s still technically possible, I’m just not sure it is possible AND probable that the end result is readable.  I’d prefer to hit 50K with a solid first draft that needs editing, not rewritten completely.

But that’s just me. 😉

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NaNo Check-in

NaNo is half way done…  and I am not.  By this point I should have 25,000 words written, and I am at less than a third of that. 

I was feeling a little discouraged about this, but I’ve decided to not worry so much about it.  The point is I am writing

According to my NaNo stats, I’m averaging about 550 words a day.  Most days I write about 1000ish words, but I don’t write every day.  At this point in my life, this is about the best I can do on a consistent basis.  And for now at least, it’s going to have to be enough. 

 I’ve written more this month (or at least more consistently) than I have in a long time.  I do feel psyched.  So if nothing else, at least NaNo has done that for me.

I know I’m not going to make it to 50,000 words by November 30th.  And that’s okay.  If I keep it up at the rate I’m going, I’ll have those words by the end of January (according to my NaNo stats.)  I can live with that. 


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nano update!

I’m still writing.  That’s good.  I’m still behind.  That’s bad.  But…not as bad as it could be, right?

I seem to be hitting that stride where I’m more excited every day to get started, and the words are coming easier.  If I can keep the pace for just a few more days, I’ll be on Thanksgiving break and should have some nice, long stretches of writing to come!

Nano day 12: 9001 words.

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I’m following Chris Baty’s Tweetvow and pledging to catch up by bedtime today, Sunday.

That means 11,669 words by the end of the night.

That means I’m 8,000 words behind.  Um…gotta go.  😛

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Still running behind on Nano word count goals here too, but not as bad as it could be!  I think I’m doing just fine considering I’m exhausted and working full time.  I’ve always known the bulk of my nano writing will have to be reserved for the weekends, but if I can whittle away at that big weekly total during the week, all the better.

And…my word count number keeps going up, so that makes me happy.

Keep writing!

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Behind Already

It’s day three of NaNoWriMo and I am already behind.  I managed to write a tiny bit on Monday, Day One.  I thought it was important to start on time, even if I didn’t get much done.  Today I picked back up (after skipping yesterday) and I am at a grand total of 1040 words.  So after three days, I haven’t even reached the daily goal of 1667 words.

The problem is that I started at the beginning of my story.  Beginnings are hard.  I have a plan, so I know where the story is going, but it’s just so difficult to set things up.  The 1040 words I have are crud.  I know that the point of NaNo is quantity, not quality, so I’m just forcing it onto the page and I’ll worry about it later.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that when I get to the “good part” things will start to roll and the words will come much more quickly and easily.

I guess if I actually finish and decide to try and whip this into something I can actually try to submit, I can worry about reworking the beginning later.  There’s no time right now.

How’s your NaNo going?


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